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Welcome!  You have undoubtedly signed up for these videos for one or two reasons: one, some aspect of your bass playing has become difficult for you, in which case I guarantee that your playing will be transformed by studying with me through this membership site; or two, you are doing okay with your bass playing but you have encountered a wall in front of you that is stopping you from progressing any further.

No doubt every musician at some point has felt a barrier standing between what they imagined musically vs. what they actually performed.  Similarly, every musician who has experienced that level of limitation has also wondered how they could develop the ability to play whatever comes to mind on their chosen instrument.  In other words, developing the ability to play what YOU hear in real-time.  In these lessons, we will begin to take a look at a set of musical concepts and skills, that when combined with further in-depth study – through the lessons and courses available on this membership site – will enable you to develop the skill of playing what you hear with impunity!

If you find these lesson helpful, then scroll down to the bottom of this page and take advantage of this amazing offer for a yearly membership to my Bass Mastery course!

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The Six Fundamental Chord Types

Free Bass Lesson PDF #1

 Rhythmic Subdivision Phrasing

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Motific Development

Free Bass Lesson PDF #3

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Thank you, good luck and hope to see you on the other side!