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Welcome to the Joe Hubbard Bass Family!

Hi, I’m Joe Hubbard and welcome to my  online bass video lessons membership website! You will find some interesting instructional material here that will help you on your journey to become a better improvising bass player. The ideas that I will share with you are the offspring from three decades of experience and wisdom, guided by constant learning from Charlie Banacos’ improvisational concepts and the need to respond to continually changing musical environments and challenges.

My goal is to give you the “nuts and bolts” of bass guitar instruction where you will become a better improvising bass player; attain the skills and knowledge base that you are seeking to achieve and be able to actually play what you are taught in real time.

Practice is best defined as “doing the right thing,” while understanding specific musical concepts equates to “doing things right.” In these video bass lessons, I will teach you these specific improvisational bass guitar concepts. Practice does not make perfect- only perfect practice makes perfect!


The Lesson Lounge:   Here you will find a collection of different bass video lessons related to multiple topics that can be applied to any style of music and all levels of ability.  You can poke around here and pick and choose what you want to work on and still get big value.  Learning, practicing and reviewing these fundamental lessons will lay the foundation for getting the maximum value from the bass courses in the 2-Year Bass Mastery Course.  PDF worksheets and MP3 Tracks are included.

The 2-Year Bas Mastery Course: Here you will find a host of highly structured bass courses that will help to sharpen your skills and crystallise your vision as an improvising bass player.  You will almost certainly find that one or more of these bass video courses will perfectly match your goals.  These courses are drip fed lesson-by-lesson to insure your complete understanding with the material you are given.  PDF workheets will accompany all the lessons you receive, along with the relevant MP3 backing tracks.  All of these cirriculmn based courses in the 2-Year Bass Matery Course are highly “results-orientated” and will give you a more in-depth understanding of the topics you have learned within the Lesson Lounge.

The video bass lessons on this website are all shot in HD and are designed to enhance your bass guitar skills both in the practice room and on the bandstand.  Both the individual lessons and complete courses- which include technical development, chord studies, rhythmic subdivision phrasing, line development, functional major & minor harmony (both diatonic and non-diatonic), jazz improvisation studies, lyrical phrasing, stylistic repetoire, ear training, poly-rhythms, music theory and much, much more – are all designed in a logical progression from A to Z in order to facilitate greater accelerated learning and higher music-driven consciousness!

Everything that I have organised on this website is all about YOU! YOUR bass playing skills; YOUR musical development and YOUR own personal self discovery that will turn you into an even better improvising bass player!

I will give you the keys to unlock your own hidden potential as an improvising bass player. Will you take the next step? You can do that right now by joining today!

Now it’s time to start practicing!

All the Bass!