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The Lesson Lounge

Welcome to the Lesson Lounge!  In this section you will discover an interrelated collection of bass guitar video lessons based entirely on the components of music- melody, rhythm, harmony, counterpoint and form.  All musical content, regardless of style, is derived from these components.  Many bass players make the mistake of concentrating on style for a catch-all remedy to learning the individual components of music.  This is an incorrect approach for the simple fact that these components (content) are fixed; whereas the style or context is not.

The videos in the Lesson Lounge are presented like master classes in each specific subject.  Feel free to select something new every day (week) to work on.  You will find that studying any one specific topic usually sparks an interest in another related area.  This will tend to be different from person to person- for example studying chord tones might highlight the study of intervals for one, whereas another person might see this as a bridge to further explore harmonic analysis and form.  The Lesson Lounge will give you a synergistic understanding about how each individual principle that you learn will be integrated into a larger more expanded whole.  This approach will help you to develop and functionalise the musical concepts that you already know to a much higher degree.  On a personal level, this assures that you will always be getting 80% of the results from 20% of the effort put in!

Remember- you don’t have to memorise an entire dictionary to have a conversation with someone.  With that in mind, you do not need to become overwhelmed when studying through these lessons. You simply choose what you want to work on every day.  New videos are added regularly, so over time the Lesson Lounge will potentially contain hundreds of lessons.   This will serve you as a bass guitarist’s reference library where you will always find new and exciting musical ideas.

If you are looking for more guided structure and progression, then you need to explore the courses over at the 2-Year Bass Mastery Course.  If you would like to study both approaches simultaneously then check out the Premium Membership Level on the Join Today page.

Thank you, good luck and hope to see you on the other side!

All the Bass!



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  1. Technique (6-Lessons)
  2. Theory (5-Lessons)
  3. Rhythm (8-Lessons)
  4. Harmony (14-Lessons)
  5. Melodic Development (9-Lessons)
  6. Improvisation (8-Lessons)
  7. Transcriptions (10-Transcriptions)
  8. Repertoire (8-Lessons)
  9. Ear Training (1-Lesson)
  10. Sight Reading (4-Lessons)
  11. Line Library (7-Lessons)