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Labor Day Sale Ends In:

2-Year Bass Mastery Course: 100 Video Lessons + over 70 Free Bonus Lessons
taught in both 5-string and 4-string formats demonstrating just how effective
Joe Hubbard’s teaching method actually is!

“Save Years of Slow Progress and Practice Room Burnout…Let One of The Most Respected Bass Teachers In the World Show You the Techniques, Concepts & Exercises That Will SAVE YOU TIME and Take Your Bass Playing to New Heights - GUARANTEED!”

Here’s Why...Watch The Video...

Dear Fellow Bass Player

Two years from now, you could look forward to an astonishing string of choice gigs with an unbelievable future as a working bass player waiting for you…Or, you could fall into the same category of all the people who try to employ every short cut under the sun with little to no success…and, NO GIGS!

Even if your goal isn’t to do many gigs, you could skyrocket your bass playing skills and practice gains…or you could simply spend the rest of your days remaining stagnant like the rest of the mediocre majority.

But…if you’re looking to become an even better bass player than you already are now – learning how to effortlessly improvise bass lines and solos (regardless of style) – then this might be the most important thing you’ve ever read.

I’m going to prove that to you in a minute…

BUT first a disclaimer!

In over 38 years of teaching the bass guitar, my students have experienced incredible yet sustainable results across the board! Considering that my very first student was Pino Palladino, should give you a wider indication of what I’m talking about…and while we’re at it, let me add just a few more names to that list: Paul Turner (Jamiroquai), Francis Hylton (Incognito), Mike Mondesir (Billy Cobham), Ben Sargeant (The Script), Dave Swift (Jules Holland), Mickey Feat (Tina Turner), Nick Beggs (Steven Wilson) and many more…

Although, YOUR results will vary and depend on many factors…including but not limited to your own background, experience, work ethic and time…

Did I say time?

Yes, I did…and If you are not willing to accept that, then PLEASE DO NOT GET THIS COURSE!

Now that we got that out of the way…let me jump right in and show you…

Exactly What You’re Going to Get!

What you’ll experience from the very beginning is that this course is dramatically different from any other bass course on the market. The reason why is there is no fluff or filler…just good old musical content!

The content in this membership subscription program immediately gets down to brass tacks, showing you…

Everything you need to know

How you work through every level

And…exactly why you need to do it in the way that it’s laid out

The 2-Year Bass Mastery Course is an intermediate course, consisting of 100 weekly lessons over the period of 2-years that is systematically designed to dramatically improve your ability to spontaneously improvise bass lines and solos and elevate your skills to an advanced level!

Here’s Just a Fraction of What You’ll Be Learning in These Lessons (There’s So Much Here…You Won’t Believe It!)

How to “blueprint” the entire instrument for a complete harmonic understanding

12 “Black Ops” chromatic techniques to make your lines sound hip like the masters

How to quadruple your vocabulary with a technique called Superimposition

The easiest ways to understand how to play over any chord progression

One unique rhythmic concept that will completely alter the course of your bass playing

How to blow people’s minds by playing chord substitutions

4 things that will immediately unlock the mystery of applying scales and modes

Five proven steps to sustainable practice when applied in the right order

How to recognise the beat and create your own personal time and feel

A simple concept that will create an endless stream of melodic material in your solos

You get to choose whether you study on 4-string or 5-string bass

But…that’s just the tip of the iceberg because you’re also going to get a HUGE BONUS on top of that…

Access to The Lesson Lounge!

The Lesson Lounge consists of over 70 master-class style lessons on a variety of subjects that include:



…Music Theory

…Melodic Development


…Rhythmic Development

…Sight Reading

…Ear Training

…And, Much More…

Equipped with results-proven musical content and motivation, you can literally save yourself years of time and thousands of dollars while quickly making massive improvements in your bass playing – RIGHT NOW!  You don’t have to spend the next 10 years of your life practicing 6 hours a day to get results. By simply applying the clearly laid out lesson plans and precisely following all of my instructions – in 2-years – you will learn to set the bandstand on fire and begin to experience that elated feeling of musical success that you desire so much…way sooner than you ever thought was possible!

Here’s a Breakdown of the 2-Year Bass Mastery Course
Curriculum That You’ll Be Using to “Turbo-Boost”
Your Bass Playing Once and For All!


Penta-Positional Chord Studies (6-Lessons):

Learn how to “blueprint” the entire fingerboard with all the fundamental 6-chord types. Right off the bat, you’ll eliminate 50% of all the technical difficulties you’ve experienced in the past.

Parallel-Positional Chord Studies (6-Lessons):

This is where you get set up for maximum results when playing bass lines or solos over different chord changes. What many people don’t realise is that to successfully move from one chord to the next, you need to be able to switch while in the same position without conscious thought – wherever you are on the fretboard.


Functional Diatonic Harmony (6-Lessons):

Understanding Jazz Harmony is an essential tool to become a great improviser. This knowledge will widen the perspective of your musicianship in how songs relate to major, minor and mixed major and minor modal interchange.

Functional Non-Diatonic Harmony (6-Lessons):

This course blends the concept of diatonic (within the key) to non-diatonic (outside the key) and leads you down the path of understanding jazz standards from both an analytical and practical viewpoint.

Jazz Improvisation

Lyrical Phrasing (6-Lessons):

This course expands your understanding of chords by introducing chord tensions while increasing your ability to play more melodically in both bass lines and solos.

Creating Jazz Lines (6-Lessons):

Breaking out of your technical limitations by “tricking the fingers” this course will begin to expand your ear training by adding common embellishments to the chord tones that you’ve previously learned, while teaching you steadfast concepts in creating your own lines.

Scale Passing Tone Studies (6-Lessons):

This is where you’ll be seeing all the weak spots in your playing as related to the traditional way that you have been taught scales in the past…a real eye-opener for most!


Poly-Rhythmic Chord Displacement (6-Lessons):

Say goodbye to playing rhythmically on auto pilot and hello to understanding hip poly-rhythmic phrasing.

Metric Modulation Workshop (4-Lessons):

Ever wondered how to superimpose 2-time signatures over one another? Learn the secrets of many jazz rhythm sections and take your understanding of rhythm way beyond what you thought was possible.


The Chromatic Matrix Concept (18-Lessons):

A comprehensive study in how to embellish chord tones with chromatic approach notes with every possible reference point for all of the 6 Fundamental Chord Types. From Charlie Parker to James Jamerson…this is the missing link that you’ve been waiting for!

Chord Superimposition for Modern Improvisation (8-Lessons):

How to get into what seems to be playing “outside” but is really all based on related chord tones and tensions of the original chord you are improvising on. Think Hadrien Feraud, Jeff Berlin, Michael Brecker, John Pattitucci and other modern jazz masters.


Modal Sequences (6-Lessons):

This is where you can apply your newly developed technique and finally understand how to create lines using scales with this very thought out modal systemic approach.

Diatonic Approach Notes (6-Lessons):

Discover new ways to use scales within your chord tone lines…this is where your vocabulary really begins to develop.


Triad Pairs for Modern Improvisation (6-Lessons):

Expanding your technique and harmonic understanding with Triad Pairs. This is a very modern improvisation technique in the realm of players such as John Coltrane, Pat Metheny, Michael Brecker, John Scofield and John Pattitucci.


Accompanying PDF Worksheets

MP3 Backing Tracks to Practice With

Access to The Joe Hubbard Bass Feedback Forum

Here’s how it all works: when you sign up for either the 2-Year or Lifetime Memberships, you will receive a notification to clarify whether you are a 4-String bass player or a 5-String bass player. Once you sign up for the list that defines your needs, you will start to receive your lessons weekly through email. This differs slightly from the “Lesson Lounge Bonus Lessons” where you will be able to access all the individual lessons from your membership dashboard page whenever you like.

So, How Much Will It Cost You to Get on This Course?

Firstly- please understand that any money you spend on developing your skills and your musicianship is an INVESTMENT in your future. We all spend plenty of money on things that don’t help us in any way…this is different…you’re investing in your bass playing future right now. With that said…

If you go to my website, you’ll see the current rates that I charge for my 1-2-1 private ZOOM Lessons…

I currently charge (and get) £708 ($980 approx.) for 12-Lessons and I never do discounts…and my prices go up every year!

And I’m usually booked WAY in advance with usually only a few lesson slots becoming available once every 6-months…if you’re lucky!

So, you would THINK that personal lessons with me in the form of weekly video lessons, PDF Worksheets, MP3 practice tracks and a private feedback forum would cost you somewhere in the thousands – RIGHT?

For 2-Years of weekly lessons, plus the over 70 video bonus lessons that you’ll get…you would pay well over £8000 ($10,130 approx.) …

But I’m prepared to offer you a membership into my 2-Year Bass Mastery Course, plus all the extras for a special Labor Day offer: only £400 or $550 approx.

Therefore, the only thing that will stop you from achieving high levels of success as a bass player…is YOUR refusal to commit…

Your refusal to invest in YOUR future!

Believe me. All my former students that I mentioned earlier are living proof that my system works!

What are you waiting for?

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Lifetime Access for £400 ($550 approx.)
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