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Thanks Joe!  Studying bass with you for only 6-months enabled me to test out of two years of the Berklee College of Music- you actually saved me money! --Ivan Bodley (Bass with Jennifer Hudson and Rock of Ages Broadway Show)


Get started now with Joe Hubbard’s Free Bass Lessons. These lessons are chock-full of gold that will take your bass playing one step beyond!  Please note that these bass lessons are not the same as the free video bass lessons that I am offering on the home page in exchange for your email address.  Those video bass lessons are unique and only attainable through signing up for my email list.  If you haven’t signed up yet, please do and receive three extra free bass video lessons today!

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  1. The Random Note Finder
  2. Chord Tone Sudoku Pt. 1
  3. Chord Tone Sudoku Pt. 2
  4. Chord Tone Sudoku Pt. 3
  5. Ear Training Relative Pitch Exercise
  6. Understanding Tonalities
  7. Developing Speed
  8. Creating Interesting Bass Lines
  9. 3 Ways to Use Melodic Minor Over II V I Prgressions
  10. The Big 5 Brazilian Bass Grooves
  11. Killer Finger Funk Grooves
  12. How to Warm Up!
  13. Spice Up Your Lines With a Dash of Chromaticism


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