2-Year Bass Mastery Course!

Bass video courses that will help you to sharpen your skills and crystallise your vision as an improvising bass player!

Joe Hubbard is a Charlie Banacos graduate like me so he knows all too well that music only is the way to learn how to play if one seeks an education for pay. Joe only teaches music and his students are surely growing under his guidance.    — Jeff Berlin



The bass guitar courses taught within this section have been cultivated through decades of real-world teaching and have been taught to many of the leading professional bass guitarists in the music business.

Each course has been designed for the student, teacher and/or professional bass player alike with the aim in demystifying the process of becoming a better improvising bass guitarist with accelerated results.  Well chosen modular building blocks are used within each lesson plan and are drip-fed to you on a weekly basis in order to guarantee your improvement and overall development.  All of the courses are instrument specific – either 4-string bass or 5-string bass – and are designed to follow a progression from A to Z.

This is a university level course that spans over two years of continual study.  The Year-1 Program is based on eight foundational courses that are comprised of 48 different video lessons that starts at an intermediate level, which are all accompanied with PDF worksheets for long term review and clarification.  Once you complete all 48 lessons, you would be eligible for the Year-2 program that is based on another six courses comprised of 48 lessons over the course of the second year of study.  The combinations of different bass guitar courses will serve to answer many personal interest and curriculum questions that you may have.  If you do not want this structured approach towards learning and would like to choose you own direction with my material for your own study and/or teaching, the best approach would be to examine the bass video lessons over at the Lesson Lounge and simply ‘cherry pick’ the lessons that suit you best.

The Year-1 Bass Mastery Course (48-Lessons):

1.    The Penta Positional Chord Studies Course: 6-Lessons

2.    The Parallel Positional Chord Studies Course: 6-Lessons

3.    Functional Harmony 1: 6-Lessons

4.    Functional Harmony 2: 6-Lessons

5.    Jazz Improvisation 1 (Creating Jazz Lines): 6-Lessons

6.    Jazz Improvisation 2 (Lyrical Phrasing): 6-Lessons

7.    Jazz Improvisation 3 (Poly-Rhythmic Displacement): 6-Lessons

8.    Jazz Improvisation 4 (Passing Tone Studies for Improvisation): 6-Lessons


The Year-2 Bass Mastery Course (48-Lessons):

1.    The Matrix of Chromaticism Over Chord Changes: 18-Lesssons

2.    Chord Superimposition for Modern Improvisation: 8-Lessons

3.    Scale Sequencing Patterns for Modern Improvisation: 6-Lessons

4.    Triad Pairs Patterns for Modern Improvisation: 6-Lessons

5.    Metric Modulation Workshop for Rhythmic Manipulation: 4-Lessons

6.    Diatonic Approach Tones over Chord Changes: 6-Lessons


Here’s how it all works: when you sign up for either the Gold or Premium Membership programs, you will receive a notification to clarify whether you are a 4-String bass player or a 5-String bass player.  Once you sign up for the list that defines your needs, you will start to receive your lessons weekly through email.  This differs slightly to the Lesson Lounge where you will be able to access individual lessons from this website whenever you like and at your own pace.  It goes without saying that the Bassment might not be for everyone as it is geared for the serious minded and committed bass player that is looking for structured bass guitar instruction that is available nowhere else.

Many people wrongly presume that learning the bass guitar is shrouded in mystery and that the music is somehow locked within the instrument.  With my system, you will learn that the bass guitar is your tool for expression, very much like a paint brush and canvas is for an artist.  You will learn to use the bass guitar to bring out the music that is already locked inside of YOU!

Thank you for taking the time to read this, good luck and I look forward to helping you to achieve your goals!

All the Bass!